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I won my first pet competition


May 19, 2013 by Alejandro

It was a great weekend. We went with my owner on first dog competition at Hlucin. A total of over 400 dogs! I was very nervous when I saw so many dogs and people together. I guess I should not bark, but when I saw them, we returned to the master Camper and I threw up! I say you, I was really really nervous. After two hours I calmed down and my master bought a new wider collar as reward.

In the competition we got a lucky number – it was 333. Nice, is not it? Looks like three bones. I love bones. My master had one wish only – to walked around the front of the referee at least one round and not blocked. So I told myself that it will try disappointed him. 

The referee was a nice old man from Poland. When we finally got to the show, it was funny. First I had to show my teeth. So I yawned and the old man complimented me. Then he check my bullets and then asked where we live. I do not understand how my bullets do with my home? …

Then let us go around. A man complimented me again, saying I walk like a circus. I like it.

And then it came. I received a “very promising 1st Class” awards. Perfect, nothing better could happen to us. We got a diploma and won our category.

I’m looking forward to the next competition! Its really funny and thrilling.


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